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Old West

Collector’s Armoury brings the Old West Frontier alive with over 150 unique replica guns and western collectibles that you’ve probably seen in the movies or on TV for the past 40 years. We hope to give you the opportunity to relive the days of Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, Wild Bill Hickok, Pat Garrett and countless other western legends.

authentic, affordable, high quality western replicas and collectibles including western pistols, rifles, badges, wanted posters, and much more. At the Collector’s Armoury we try to bring history to life for everyone. We hope you enjoy your experience with us, in fact, we guarantee it

See our new DRY FIRE Single Action Revolvers designed by John Bianchi! These new replicas are virtually indistinguishable from the originals but classified as 'non-guns' by the ATF!Wild west, old west, replica, replicas, old west weapon, old west weapons, western guns, old west stage props, wild west stage props, western stage props, old west era, western weapons, holsters, scabbards, fast draw pistols, peacemaker pistols, badges, derringers, letter openers, pistols, rifles, tomahawks, boxed sets, framed sets, displays, holster, scabbard, badge, derringer, letter opener, pistol, rifle replica, guns. Old West collectibles.

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