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Collectors Classics

Collectors Classics

The Hickok Revolver
The Wyatt Earp Revolver
The Bat Masterson Revolver
The General Custer Revolver (Available 2009)
The Roosevelt Presidential Revolver (Available 2009).

These Western and Civil War revolvers are the most historically accurate and authentic non-firing replicas available in the world today. Each pistol offered in our line of Collector’s Classics is an identical reproduction of actual historic firearms that were carried and used in the American Frontier in the 19th Century by US Marshalls, Scouts, Indian Fighters, and Army Officers.

This line of premier reproductions honors the legends that carried these original firearms and embodies the American spirit that opened and tamed the American Frontier. We appreciate your interest in our nation’s history and are honored to offer these historic pieces to you.

If you have a particular interest in any one particular piece, or the entire collection, please let us know via email and we will notify you as the particular pieces become available.

In the tradition of historic reproductions, these replicas will neither chamber nor fire ammunition, and cannot be altered to do so.

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